How To Pick The Sweetest Watermelon

How To Pick The Sweetest Watermelon

watermelon sweet fruit nature ripe vegan vegetarian This might  be common knowledge to most people but I did not know this about picking the sweetest watermelon. I figured that since I didn’t know, maybe there someone else that needed this colossally delicious information.

Picture this: it’s a hot summer day, sweat dripping down your face and all you can think about is a nice big juicy sweet piece of watermelon. Natures ultimate candy. You get your big ole piece, bite into it and IT TASTES LIKE CRAP! Your whole summer-vibe bubble is burst.

I vowed, NEVER AGAIN!! I did a little research and a few experiments and the results were insanely successful. Every single time we have used this criteria in picking a watermelon, it’s been spot on. No more skunky watermelon!

It’s really very simple once you know. Almost too simple actually. But it makes perfect sense.

  1. You want a watermelon that has a big yellow creamy spot on it. If the spot is white or non-existent, it’s under ripe. The dark yellow creamy spot is called the ‘field spot’ because that’s where the watermelon was resting in the field ripening on the vine. The yellow spot indicates that it was ripening on the vine a good long time.
  2. Pick up the watermelon. Is it heavier than you think it should be for its size? That’s what you want. If you have 2 of the same size watermelons, you want the heaviest of them.
  3. The best ones are also uniformly shaped. Weird lumps and bumps may be a sign that it didn’t get consistent sun and/or water.

watermelon sweet fruit nature ripe vegan vegetarian

There you have it. We usually go with the “yellow spot rule” first and foremost and have not been steered wrong once. We get amazingly sweet ripe watermelons every single time.

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