Protein Breakfast – Baked Tomato, Cottage Cheese, Spinach and Egg!

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Protein Breakfast – Baked Tomato, Cottage Cheese, Spinach and Egg!

This has become my most recent breakfast addiction.  It’s so easy and so full of protein from the egg and cottage cheese, which is great to start the day off with.

Along with protein, you’ll also get a dose of fiber from the spinach and tomato.  Speaking of tomatoes, you’ll also get a dose of antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium from them.  A healthy, tasty balanced breakfast – done.

Prep time: 3 minutes.  Cook time: 25 – 30 minutes.



1 medium tomato

1 small handful of baby spinach leaves (probably only about 10 leaves)

1 scoop of low-fat small curd cottage cheese

1 large egg

A little salt and pepper

Pre-heat oven to 350.

tomato quad final

1.  Take a piece of tinfoil and roll into a donut shape so the tomato is cradled in it and doesn’t fall over in the oven.

2.  Use a knife to cut a hole in the top of the tomato about the size of a golf ball.  Scoop out the innards so you are making an empty tomato bowl.

3.  Take a small bunch of spinach leaves and press down into the bottom of the tomato bowl.

4.  Top the spinach with a scoop of the cottage cheese but leave a little room for the egg to sit on top.

5. Lastly, top your masterpiece with an egg and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper.  Put in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes depending on how well you like your egg cooked.


eggontopI eat mine straight up but you could add a piece of whole grain toast to soak up the egg and cottage cheese mixture.securedownload-10

You could make more than one at a time using a muffin tin to hold the tomatoes.  Enjoy!

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