About Me

Tree Pose - Hilo, Hawaii 2013

Tree Pose – Hilo, Hawaii 2013

My name is Bunny, a happily married 40 something year old woman. I have 2 rescue cats and an incredible husband.  In the past year and a half I’ve lost 100 pounds. You can read about it here including before and after photos (yikes).

My success started with small changes.  Changing one small thing at a time was easy to incorporate into my life because it wasn’t drastic.  It allowed the change to become a habit over time and therefore became routine and normal.  

During my transformation I’ve learned so much about food, fitness and natural alternatives.  I’ve increased my awareness of what really goes into not only the food I eat but cleaning and beauty products we buy and it wasn’t good news.  It forced me to research natural solutions to every day needs.  I believe more and more every day that what our bodies need most is provided by nature.  

Thank you for allowing me to share what I’ve learned thus far and all the exciting things I’ve yet to uncover.  All to help you be well and be happy.