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Baked Zucchini Parmesan Chips

I attempted a coconut flour zucchini bread the other day and I’ll admit, it was nasty.  NAS-TEE!  I could not bring myself to share the recipe.  I don’t know what happened.  But here I am scratching my head with a zucchini and a half left with no plan.  I’ve heard about zucchini chips before but never tried them so why not give it a go?

Zucchini has some awesome attributes.  It’a filling, hydrating, encourages healthy digestion and detoxifies the body. Due to its high fiber content, zucchini has cleansing effect on our digestive tract, especially the intestines. It acts as a mild laxative, cleaning the walls of the intestines and preventing carcinogenic toxins from settling in the colon. 

I did a test run and they turned out AWESOME!  Like AWESOME AWESOME!  I like mine dipped in a little sweet chili sauce or Greek yogurt ranch dip.

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Chips 

(Use organics when available)

Parmesan zucchini chip vegetarian baked healthy snack cheese dairy panko

Baked Zucchini Parmesan Chips

Baked Parmesan Zucchini Chips
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Baked Parmesan Zucchini Chips are a great way to get your vegetables in. Dip them in your favorite sauce or eat them as is. Easy and delicious.
Serves: 4
  • 1 Zucchini
  • ½ cup shredded Parmesan
  • ½ cup Panko breadcrumbs
  • Olive Oil or 1 Whisked Egg
  • Dash of Salt and Pepper
  • *Optional - sauce for dipping
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  2. Line baking sheet with parchment paper or use a non-stick mat
  3. Slice zucchini thin, about and ⅛th of an inch
  4. In a big bowl place sliced zucchini and enough olive oil or whisked egg to coat all slices. It's easiest if you use your hands to get all the oil or egg distributed on the slices)
  5. ****Olive oil does work in helping the cheese and panko stick, egg does work the best. It's really your preference. To egg or not to egg, that is the question****
  6. In separate bowl mix Parmesan, Panko, salt and pepper
  7. Place mounds of Parmesan and Panko about the size of a quarter on the baking sheet about a ½ inch apart
  8. Place zucchini slice on top of each mound of crumbs and press down so the crumbs stick to the zucchini better
  9. Cover each zucchini slice with a little mound of crumbs
  10. Bake for 22 - 24 minutes
  11. Serve as is or with your favorite dip


I keep the extras in an airtight container in the fridge and when I want more I pop them in the microwave for about 20 seconds.  I noticed that the thicker cut ones tended to get soggier than the thinner cut ones.  To fix that I just put them in the oven at 325 for 10 minutes.

A great way to get in those veggies!  Bite size for the little ones too.

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Top 7 Favorite Healthy Snacks

Top 7 Favorite Healthy Snacks

Losing weight and eating healthy doesn’t have to mean no yummy snacky things.  Whether you want something crunchy, sweet or salty, there’s a snack for that.  Here are 7 of my favorite snacks that completely satisfy my urges!

1. Dehydrated veggie snacks –  We make ours in the oven or in our dehydrator.  Both ways work.  They also sell them at Whole Foods.  Just make sure to check the label for any hidden ingredients that may not be so good for you.  They are also great with Hellavu Good Greek Style Yogurt dips.


2. Kale Chips – We do make these at home too but I’ve recently found bradsrawfoods.com brand.  Their Pina Kale-Ada (Coconut and Pineapple) flavor is awesome.  I could and have almost eaten the whole container in one sitting.  The www.bradsrawfoods.com brand is USDA Organic, vegan, kosher, raw and non-GMO.

Kale is a rockstar when it comes to vegetables, it’s actually a super food.  By super I mean they top the charts as far as nutritional value.  Give them a try.

kale chips

3. Oven Roasted Chickpeas – I always have a stash of these in the house.  Chickpeas (aka garbanzo beans) can take on almost any flavor combination you come up with.  My favorite is a honey/vanilla/cinnamon mixture.  They are full of fiber and have a really good crunch.  They remind me of corn nuts.  Look for the recipe in future posts.

roasted chickpeas

4. Hellavu Good Greek Style Yogurt Dip – Let me start by saying that I do NOT like yogurt at all.  No way no how.  But…I LOVE this dip.  I love all the flavors but my favorite is the French Onion.  You would never know it had yogurt in it.  It’s low in fat and calories, only has 3 carbs and even has protein in it.

You can dip your veggies, veggie chips or parmesan chips in it.  I also use it as a dip for chicken and fish.

hellavu good greek style yogurt

5. Dry roasted pumpkin seeds – I especially like the Eden Organic brand because it is low sodium, has fiber, protein and is magnesium rich.  It’s also a good source of iron and zinc.  Plus it only has 2 ingredients, organic pumpkin seeds and Eden Portuguese Sea Salt.  The fewer ingredients a product has, the better.

Eden Organic pumpkin seeds

6. Parmesan chips – An all time favorite of mine.  I discovered a store bought brand at Whole Foods and went through them so fast that I figured I better learn how to make them myself.  They are the easiest snack to make by far.  Look for the recipe in future posts.

Parmesan Chips gluten free low cab high protein snack homemade the organic rabbit

7. Honey fried banana – Last but not least are honey fried bananas.  This simple recipe turns an ordinary banana into some crazy gourmet decadent dessert.  A great way to sneak in a fruit and some potassium too.  Look for the recipe in future posts.

honey fried banana cinnamon vanilla healthy snack potassium easy delicious rich dessert

Finding the right snack is half the battle.  Just because you may not like a particular good for you snack doesn’t mean there isn’t one out there that you won’t love.

Just some little changes that will make a big difference.

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